About Us

Leaving our Legacy

With many years of combined experience, the partners of IGO Legacy Hotel Group are truly about more than just selling hotel rooms. Envisioning an amazing customer experience, enriching the lives of their employees and supporting the surrounding communities is what this company is all about. Whether you’re a corporate traveler, a current employee or a neighboring business, IGO Legacy Hotel Group is sure to leave their legacy with you.

Our Visitors

When you visit IGO Legacy Hotel Group hotels, you will leave with a positive, memorable customer experience. IGO Legacy Hotel Group doesn’t want to just give you a bed, they want to give you a great time, comfortable trip and an eagerness to return. Each of the properties owned by IGO Legacy Hotel Group provide a convenient location, comfortable rooms, customizable reservations and advanced technology to ensure your visit is wonderful. The staff at each location is proud to work directly with corporate travelers, group travelers, leisure travelers and event planners. You’ll find that our properties offer a full amenity experience at a limited amenity price. Learn more about how we can make your trip or event run as smoothly as possible here.

Our Employees

As a IGO Legacy Hotel Group employee, you will be part of a team that encourages personal and professional growth, development and education. IGO Legacy Hotel Group gives their employees a comfortable work environment that will prepare them for any path they may choose in the future. Working at any of our properties will give you the skills and confidence to prove you’re a quality asset to any company. Future employers will know they have the advantage in hiring a past IGO Legacy Hotel Group employee because of the clear investment we put into each and every employee. If you’re interested in being part of a team that will enrich your life and aid in your professional development, please feel free to look through our Careers page.

Our Communities

An IGO Legacy Hotel Group property refuses to be just another hotel in just another city. Actively involved in each community we’re located in, IGO Legacy Hotel Group hotels build mutually beneficial relationships with surrounding businesses and organizations. Our employees serve through local organizations based on the specific need of that community, such as animal shelters, women’s shelters or the Special Olympics. Each property also builds relationships with neighboring businesses to encourage their professional growth as well. For example, if a business group is having a retreat at one of our properties, we will recommend local restaurants for catering or a local personality to act as a keynote speaker. It is very important to us to give back to our communities – always leaving a legacy.